Structure affects function! Fall around the Fall house shows that cats, children, green grass, and goats, all look very different from each other. Each one having its own specialized structure, and thus, its own specialized function!

When you put a suitcase on top of your car, you have altered (temporarily at least) the structure of the car, affecting its weight, its wind resistance, its gas mileage, its brake distance, its tire wear, etc. A vertebral subluxation is a change in structure of the spine that affects the function of the nerve system. It causes altered spinal biomechanics, abnormal body function, it drains energy, and causes many other problems. The only thing left is to determine how long you are willing to tolerate this altered function for yourself, your friends, and loved ones. The goal of regular chiropractic care is to restore normal alignment and function in the spine allowing you to function better.

Quality, Routine Spinal Checks

...because we know how important your performance in life is!

You likely already know some of the policies that set us apart:

(1) Self-determined, anonymous fees with the "Honor Box." 
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(2) Walk-in hours for everyone's schedule! No scheduled appointment after first few visits!

However the difference goes much deeper than that. Due to the current healthcare climate, many chiropractors focus on aches and pains, sprains and strains.  Instead, at Fall Chiropractic our focus is on the nerve system. The reason this is our focus is because that system is responsible for running your entire body. It will tell your heart when and how fast to beat, your lungs when and how deep to breathe and even your muscles when to contract and when to relax. Your nerve system is in charge of every function of your body. As long as there is a good "connection" between that system and the rest of your body you will be performing as well as you possibly can. A subluxation can rob you of your full life potential.

The emphasis of our focused chiropractic care is in restoring normal spinal alignment and function to the spine. This allows a clear connection between the brain and all the parts of the body. Both brain and body need constant contact through a interference-free spine. This allows all the cells of both body and brain to have a better opportunity to reach the fullest possible life potentials. We are here prepared and ready to be your chiropractor here in Cambridge, Ohio.

"Better Neural Connections Through Quality, Weekly Spinal Checks
For Enhanced Human Potential In An Empowering, Family Atmosphere"

Fall Chiropractic offers routine neuro-spinal checks for optimal neural connections. We serve Cambridge, New Concord, Byesville, Caldwell, Quaker City and surrounding areas. We do not diagnose, treat, or cure pain, symptoms, or any medical conditions. We focus on what we know best. We locate and correction vertebral subluxations. Everyday, we see brighter life potentials when neuro-spinal interference is cleared!

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