Aside from high quality of care, you will notice
Two differences about our office:

FIRSTwe offer affordable, routine chiropractic care!

  • Our costs are less than most copays, with even better membership discounts
  • No insurance mess, so no deductibles!
  • No appointment is necessary other than first visit. 
  • Your wait time is minimal--brief routine visits make it easy on your schedule.

SECOND, we are focused on your overall performance in life.

Due to the current healthcare climate, many chiropractors focus on aches and pains, sprains and strains.  Instead, at Fall Chiropractic our focus is on the nerve system. The reason this is our focus is because that system is responsible for running your entire body. It will tell your heart when and how fast to beat, your lungs when and how deep to breathe and even your muscles when to contract and when to relax. Your nerve system is in charge of every function of your body. As long as there is a good "connection" between that system and the rest of your body you will be performing as well as you possibly can.

The emphasis of our gentle, focused chiropractic care is in restoring normal alignment and function to the spine. This allows a clear connection between the brain and all the parts of the body. A healthy brain and a healthy body need constant contact through a healthy spine. This allows the body to function and heal better assisting you to grow stronger and healthier and to have a better opportunity to reach your wellness and life potentials.

We now also have a holistic nutritionist on staff and offer Custom-designed Clinical Nutrition by appointment only on Thursdays.

Experience the difference with our gentle, focused chiropractic technique.
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First Visit 60% off
with View of
Wellness Class."
$30 includes exam, spinal thermoscan,
and first adjustment.  
Normally $90. Must complete quiz.


  • "I had a fall at home and had symptoms associated with that. I had pain and fatigue and generally felt bad. I used Motrin for pain, but had no results. It was difficult to fun..."
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